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Waterfalls to See in Jamaica

By Teri Champigny

While in Jamaica, there are many fun things to do, and beautiful things to see. Among the beautiful and amazing sights that you must not miss are three fantastic waterfalls. These include the Dunn’s River Falls, the Mayfield Falls, and Y.S Falls. You won’t just be viewing these famous waterfalls, however. You will be able to climb one, and play in and near the others.


Dunn’s River Falls is located in a nature park near Ocho Rios, and modern facilities are available. You climb the falls here by forming a human chain with other guests, led by an experienced guide. Dunn’s River Falls is considered a living and growing phenomenon, because it is constantly regenerating from deposits of travertine rock. If you only visit one waterfall while in Jamaica, make it this one.


If you aren’t adventurous enough to climb the fall, you should still visit. You can watch and feel a part of the excitement from one of the many terraces that offer a spectacular view of what is going on with the human chain. Again, there are guides that lead the chain, and help those who slip to recover, so the danger really is minimal. You will be required to wear shoes while climbing the falls.


The Mayfield Falls are located near Montego Bay, but best accessed via Negril. With two crystal sparkling waterfalls, and twenty one natural pools, Mayfield Falls is spectacular. You will be escorted to the falls by an experienced guide. The river flows through an amazing rain forest, which you will see as you make your way to the falls. Mayfield Falls also regularly hosts weddings, retreats, and other special events. Water shoes are recommended. Mayfield Falls is also a famous Mineral Spa.


The Y.S Falls are located in an undeveloped part of the south coast, which makes it even more spectacular. It is actually located on a working cattle and horse ranch. The Y.S Falls has seven actual falls, and is located near the Black River, 50 miles South of Montego Bay, and 50 miles East of Negril. Water shoes are recommended.


Many of the waterfalls at Y.S fall into natural pools, and while some areas are very rocky, there is swimming allowed in some of the natural pools. There are lifeguards as well. There is also a shallow natural pool that is fed by both underground and above ground springs. This pool is suitable for all ages and swimming (or non-swimming) levels.


These waterfalls all have natural pools and mineral springs that are reportedly good for your health. When visiting these falls, plan to visit for the day, if possible, or at the very least, half a day, so that you have the time to fully enjoy and bask in the healthy environment.


There is a newer man made waterfall that is also worth seeing near Ocho Rios. It is the Mahoe Falls. Here, you will also enjoy a water garden, streams, and a museum of island history that focuses closely on the Taino and Arawak cultures.

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